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Practice Areas


Working with your team to ensure the law works for you when looking at financing options to leverage your financial position and build your business.

Public Companies

Public Offerings, private placements, stock options and effective board structures are essential for growing companies that have taken the public company route.

Corporate Law

We work for you and with your team to navigate complex and unique situations. We use the law to help entrepreneurs.

New Technologies and Industries

From Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies to the changing legislation in many other fields, we are open-minded, curious and look to helping our clients set the standards.

International Business

Working with foreign investment and business creates opportunities and its own set of challenges.


Your team is challenged with an arbitration, we can help you navigate and work through the process.

About Newhouse Counsel

We are a  boutique  law firm founded by John Mavridis, a Canadian lawyer, member of Quebec Bar, bringing unique experience and an entrepreneurial perspective  to the legal needs of private and public companies. We are based in Montreal and with our network of partners, we help companies in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria, and deal with projects in Asia, Europe and USA.

Newhouse Counsel, a division of totalLAW Legal Services Inc.

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2500 - 1155 bl. René-Lévesque ouest, Montréal, QC, Canada, H3B 2K4

John Mavridis, LL.B., LLM.,
Lawyer / Avocat